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Dear client, it's not your fault.

I don't blame you. You've been deceived.

This morning I was made aware of an article that was posted in Parents Magazine. In this article, parents were encouraged to seek out a low cost or free "doula in training" who is working towards their certification.

The thing is, there is no such thing as a "doula in training". Once a doula attends a training, they are a trained doula. Yes, they might be working toward certification, but they are still a professional and a trained doula.

So when you come to me and ask if I offer free or reduced rates, I can't blame you. This is what you have been encouraged to ask from friends, providers, other doulas, well known magazines and even the president of a well known doula training organization.

When I tell you that no, I don't provide free or reduced services and that I also can't refer you to someone who does, please understand that I believe that professional standards and services for doulas. I believe in doulas who do this for a career that they are not only passionate about, but that also provides for their families.

But just because I don't offer free and reduced rates, doesn't mean that I'm not willing to work with you. I do offer payment plans and we can work together to figure out a payment plan that is indeed affordable for you budget. I also want to ensure that in the event that I can't attend your birth due to illness or a similar situation, that I can pay an equally amazing backup that will be there to support you so that you receive the support that you deserve.

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