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Sidelying Massage

Have you heard of sidelying massage? If you haven't, this may seem like a completely foreign idea to you.

Sidelying massage is exactly what it sounds like. A client receives a massage session while lying on his or her side. This is a great option for anyone who cannot comfortably lay flat on their stomach, back or either. This is how I choose to massage expectant mothers once they reach the point in their pregnancy where they can no longer lay flat comfortably. This is also a wonderful positioning option for those with other medical conditions such as breathing problems.

So how does it work? Using a comfortable bolstering system, the client lays on their side with their head on a pillow and their top leg laying on a bolster that supports them in the sidelying position while supporting the hip, knee and ankle all on a level plane. The therapist then massages one half the back, the hip, top leg, bottom leg and feet before rotating the client to his or her other side where the other half of the back, the other hip and the legs, which are now in the opposite position, are massaged.

Then, in most cases, I help the client into a modified supine position. At Peace Only, I use a wedge with a pillow supporting the head to allow the client to lay in a reclined position rather than flat on his or her back. A bolster is also placed under the legs and the arms and neck are then massaged. This is an option even for those that can lie comfortably on their stomach, but not flat on their back, such as in the example about such as those with respiratory problems.

That's sidelying massage! Any client can request these accommodations for no extra charge.

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