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I Am Not Inconvenienced by Your Birth

Whenever I get a call in the middle of the night, or a labor ends up being long, the mother typically feels the need to apologize for making me come out or keeping me "so long".

When I became a doula, I knew that birth was unpredictable. This work is not scheduled (unless I am offering postpartum support). It does not fall into a neat 9-5 schedule where I show up at the beginning of my shift and leave my remaining work until the next day. Birth and labor begin day or night, weekday or weekend, on holidays, birthdays and other special family events.

I knew all of this going in and I still decided to pursue this work because I am passionate about supporting women, couples and families.

In my training we were also taught to charge a wage that makes us feel as though we were compensated fairly for this work and that is how I set my price. You pay me a living wage so that I don't feel inconvenienced by your birth. A wage that allows me to make you the most important person on my schedule the day you call me. You never need to apologize to the person you are paying to support you.

I have also since joined with a doula partner, Kristin Rollins of KM Doula Services, so that should she or I have something that does need to be the first priority on our schedules that day, that you still get a qualified and capable doula that is able to put you first. Day or night, weekday or weekend, holiday, birthday or other family event.

It is always our honor to support you whether that be for 2 hours or 22 hours (or more). We are never inconvenienced by your birth.

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