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It's Not Just About "Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby"

We've all heard it, "at least you are both healthy", or "the goal is healthy mom and healthy baby". It's not that these things aren't important or the main goal, but those two things are not the only things that matter, but your emotional health is important too. Many women who do not have the birth they planned or desired, struggle emotionally with that fact. They feel disappointment or even grief over the loss of the birth they had envisioned leading up to their baby's birth.

If you have personally experienced this, you may have been told to get over it or just be thankful that you are both healthy. It may be hard to communicate that you can be thankful for the health of you and your baby while also grieving the birth that you didn't have. You are allowed to feel these emotions and process these feelings. It's okay to feel sad and you deserve to have someone who supports you without judgment.

While it is true that it is your care provider's job to ensure your safety and your baby's safety, your doula should be there to support your emotional and mental health during and after the birth of your baby.

At Peace Only I will help you process your emotions and voice your feelings without judgment. I will also provide you with referrals if you need additional assistance with these thoughts, emotions and feelings.

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