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"Get undressed to your level of comfort..."

I say this to all of my clients before I leave the room so that they can get undressed in private and get settled on the table, but what does that actually mean?! Some clients come out and ask what it means and others just hope they get it "right". So what does it mean to get undressed to your level of comfort?

It means get undressed to YOUR level of comfort, not worry about what MY level of comfort is. There is no "right" or "wrong".

It means that if you are not comfortable getting undressed at all for a massage that you might want to consider a fully clothed chair massage or a shorter table massage session. It means that if you are comfortable removing at least some of your clothing, that a table massage might be a great option that we can tailor to your needs. It means that leaving your underwear on is fine if that is how you are most comfortable, and it also means that I will not think you are being inappropriate if you choose to remove all of your clothing.

In massage school we were actually required to removed all of our clothing aka, go nude, so that we could learn proper draping that always covers breast tissue, the gluteal cleft (butt crack) and genitals.

One thing to keep in mind is that each article clothing is a barrier that we respect, but that also means that it is something for us to work around. If you choose to leave on undergarments or a bra, we will work around those articles of clothing easily, but leaving on a bra for example will mean that your massage might feel a bit more choppy unless you would like to me to unclip it for you which is always an option. Leaving on underwear means that I will probably still work on your glutes and hips, but that I will work over the sheet.

One thing you can be sure of is that no matter what your level of comfort, you will always be respected during your sessions at Peace Only.

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