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5 Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

We all know massage therapy is good for us and feels heavenly, especially during pregnancy, but do you know how exactly it is good for you during pregnancy? First of all it is important to acknowledge that in a low risk pregnancy, massage therapy is safe in all trimesters, especially when administered by someone who has specialized in this area and is familiar with contraindications and uses supportive equipment. So what are some of the benefits?

1. Pain Management - Massage therapy is a medication free way to manage the aches and pain that oftentimes accompany pregnancy. As your body produces additional hormones, grows and changes, you can begin to feel uncomfortable. Massage therapy won't completely take away that discomfort, but it can help manage it and make it a little less uncomfortable.

2. Improved Sleep - Sleeping during pregnancy can be difficult, especially as pregnancy progresses and you become more uncomfortable. Massage therapy produces endorphins which in turn help expectant mothers to relax and sleep more deeply.

3. Reduced Stress, Anxiety, and/or Depression - We know that massage in non-pregnant persons helps reduce these items so it's only natural that it would also help in pregnancy. The difference between those who are pregnant and those who are not is that in pregnancy, stress, anxiety, and depression can be attributed and intensified by hormonal changes. Massage can help relax the nervous system and stabilize hormones, in turn reducing these factors.

4. Increase Blood Circulation - Increased blood circulation can provide more oxygen and nutrients to both you and your baby while also increasing your immunity.

5. Prepare You For Childbirth - Massage therapy can actually help prepare your body for the process of childbirth. It can open up the hips and in turn some women have reported faster and and easier births. It can also prepare you by teaching your body how to relax so that you are more easily able to relax your muscles during labor and birth.

At Peace Only, I am trained and certified in prenatal massage. During your session you will be in a comfortable, side lying position with supportive bolsters that I have invested in specifically for expectant mothers.

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